Richard has been writing songs since a very young age, and still thrives on the buzz of creating new music. Remaining open to many different styles of music, Richard continues to look for new collaborations in all areas of the music business.


"Song writing is something that I just have to do. I have been writing for years and have had the pleasure of collaborating with some fantastic writers like Robin Trower, Michael Garvin (Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez) Chris Neil (Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and Mike and the Mechanics Producer) and Martin Sutton (Back Street Boys, Leann Rimes) who has been a massive inspiration to me!"



The Way God Made You - Retreat
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Longing for a Woman - Ben Poole
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Windows Down, Radio On - Dunkling/Parsons/Watts
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Bringing Memories Back - Samantha Dench
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Bitter - Richard Watts
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