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Richard is a multi-instrumentalist playing various instruments for different projects. These include piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar and bass guitar.


Richard started playing instruments from a very young age, starting on and old Farfisa organ, and soon taught himself to play the piano. During secondary school, Richard picked up the guitar and started learning chords during lunch breaks. Since then Richard has been writing songs and has gone on to play hundreds of gigs all over the UK and abroad in various line ups. From local acoustic duo and piano gigs, to the Bahrain Formula 1 and the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Richard gives his all with each performance.


Richard has also toured extensively with Robin Trower and continues to work with Robin in various vocal and intrumental sessions. "I had never played the bass until Robin (Trower) asked me if I could learn it for an upcoming tour, back in 1999. So I said, yea sure. I found my way around the bass well enough to cover the parts and ended up singing and playing bass for Robin on the next tour. I am eternally grateful to Robin for the experience playing with him has given me"





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